Things to do in Vancouver

Posted on 27 October 2019 (0)

Making a plan to visit Vancouver? Excellent idea, and we’ve got you covered to make sure you have the best time ever here. Once you’ve eaten your bodyweight in the city’s best burgers, had your caffeine fix and explored Vancouver’s best bars, there’s still so much more to see and do. Vancouver is just an amazing place to do the best things.


  1. Capilano Suspension Bridge

Make your way throughout this swaying suspension bridge, which stretches 137 meters across a canyon and also the Capilano River 70 meters below. This is a top choice for outstanding pictures– simply do not overlook if you’re in any way scared of height


  1. Discover Richmond Night Market

Throughout the summertime, this fun Chinese evening market in Richmond is totally free for those under 13 or over 60 and is most definitely worth the journey to explore a deep-fried squid, fish spheres, nitrogen ice cream, and also Chinese knick-knacks. There are over 100 stalls to browse about.


  1. Hike the Grouse Grind

The well-known Grouse Grind walk is a must-do for outdoorsy people. Your legs could hate you later, but the sights on top are ridiculous. Hiking up is cost-free, but you’ll need to pay the $10 for the gondola trip down.


  1. Spend some time Stanley Park

With beautiful coastlines, miles of properly maintained paved and dirt trails, Canada’s largest aquarium and stacks of kid-friendly areas (consisting of a swimming pool, theme park, small train as well as even more), this place is 100% among the best metropolitan parks worldwide.


  1. Take a ski journey to Whistler

Just 2 hours away from the city lies this renowned mountain hotspot. This top-ranked destination ski resort attracts skiers from all over the globe for downhill and also heli-skiing, with cross-country tracks located nearby.


  1. Take in some society at the Vancouver Art Gallery

Discover ground-breaking historic and also modern exhibits as well as artworks by Canadian, Indigenous as well as globally acclaimed musicians at this extremely gallery. Perfect for a rainy day.


  1. Have a night out in humming Gastown

The city’s oldest community is a must-visit. Full of distinctive galleries and a few of the very best cooking prices in Vancouver, it’s a lively location in the evenings for cocktails. Not too sure where to go?


With its outstretched parks and relatively equable climate keeping temperatures mild throughout the year, Vancouver is an Eden for leisure exploits. But it also boasts a busy cultural life, and the modern Downtown is easily explored on foot.

Cruise to Mexico – at least Once!

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Are you looking for a fantastic family vacation with various activities to partake in and paradise settings? Have some fun and enjoy Mexico’s tropical beauty on some of the most popular cruises in the Pacific.

Check out these three amazing cruise options, each with their family-friendly itineraries:

  1. Baja California and the Sea of Cortez Cruise Options

Daily activities are offered to match the personal interest and fitness level of family members. Some of the most popular ones are craft cruises, which place much focus on wildlife searches through the coastline, and kayaking to explore the water-level caves. Other fun activities are – cocktail hours on the ship with appetizers and natural history walks.

A ship is large enough for any level of privacy you want. There’ll be a certified photographer onboard to help take family pictures.

  1. Catalina and Baja Mexico Cruise

Carnival offers the four-night Catalina and Baja Mexico cruise, and they depart from Long Beach taking in Catalina and Ensenada amongst other various ports of call. This cruise ship has an amazing patio pool area with a pool and slide for kids, including live poolside entertainment. The kid’s program Camp Carnival feature activities like the kid’s talent show, ice cream eating contests, family arts, and crafts, cookie decorating, family karaoke, family scavenger hunts, teddy bear workshops, a family name that tunes, welcome aboard parties, and family water wars.

For your meals, you have two options which are – the casual and formal dining options, and a 24-hour pizzeria and room service. Recreational activities for adults include duty-free shopping, workout classes, and pool.

  1. Getaway Baja Cruise

This five-night getaway cruise from Disney Cruise Line departs from San Diego, California, to enjoy all the beauty of Cabo San Lucas, with a stop at Ensenada. Activities carried out at ports of call include world-class sport fishing, exploring the beautiful white sand beaches atop horses, and championship golf courses.

The amazing family-friendly entertainment options include Disney shows, character greetings, and numerous pools. In addition, nightclubs and lounges are readily available for adults to relax and have so much fun on the dance floor after the kids are asleep.



A Backpacker’s Guide to Hiking in Colorado

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With plenty of choices, even the experienced hikers struggle to choose, from where to start. So, this is the first time you are hiking or curious to explore the Colorado wilderness, read below carefully, what you need to know about backpacking Colorado:


Hiker’s Paradise!

Yes, for hikers Colorado is a paradise, if you are hiking, lover then this is a must place for you to visit. This beautiful state filled with unforgettable adventures and superclass hiking trails for backpacking Colorado. Here, you’ll find magnificent wildlife, incredible waterfalls, and vistas by the bucket load!


Trails in Beginners Backpacking Colorado

These trails will give an excellent overview to those who want a decent introduction to hiking in Colorado.


Bear Lake Trail, Rocky Mountain National Park

In close to Estes Park, this easy hike is about 0.8-mile around the Bear Lake, offers plenty of places to stop and enjoy the view. Also, you’ll get a guide that helps you to visit about 30 exact locations for hikers backpacking Colorado.


Chautauqua Trail, Chautauqua Park

This is of around 1.2-mile return trip through wildflower covered towards the famous Flatirons. While returning, you’ll get a chance to see impressive views towards Boulder. For the more exciting trip way, you can combine the Chautauqua trail with any of the other short walks for reaching to Colorado hiking.


Serpents Trail, Colorado National Monument

Thus the most historic trail of 16 switchbacks to climb to splendid views of the Grand Valley.  It’s around 1.75-mile narrow track.


The Best Hiking loops near Denver for Experienced Hikers

Make sure to hit up these best hiking trails near Denver:


Mills Lake, Rocky Mountain National Park

This Colorado hiking trail is one of the most attractive and adventurous in Rocky Mountain National Park. It’s a 5.3-mile round trip, a perfect place for an excellent short, day hike and picnic spot, surrounded by beautiful massive mountain views.


Royal Arch Trail, Chautauqua Park

An impressive trio of 3.4-mile out and back hike, consider the Royal Arch Trail near Denver. This trail hike to the Royal Arch, a 20-foot large sandstone rock formation, Enjoy views of Boulder from this spot and add the vast experience of hiking here.


Avoid following mistakes during Colorado Hiking

All hikers should take care of following things otherwise they can get into dangerous situations by making simple mistakes:

  • Don’t start hiking alone
  • Make sure to tell your hiking plan to your group or any close person
  • Don’t either Underestimate or overestimate the trail and ability
  • Wear comfortable and correct outfit for hiking
  • Always carry a survival kit


Essential Colorado Backpacking

Before heading to backpack Colorado, you’ll need to be packed up with following necessary for safe and comfortable hiking.

  • Supportive & comfortable footwear
  • Must carry a quality & rain-resistant backpack
  • A couple of clothing layers
  • Tents as per seasons range
  • Sleeping bag and pads
  • Camping stove and fuel
  • Water bottles and purifier
  • Medical and Survival kit
  • Sun protection & Insect repellent
  • Map or GPS


Here is all you have to do during hiking in Colorado, Get set ready for successful hiking in Colorado with above backpacker’s guide tips.


Things You Must Do at Disney World

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OMG, Disney World! A place is full of excitement, fun, and jubilation. There are so many things to do and destinations to visit and see. Disney World is a large vacation resort with numerous splendid hotels and restaurants, shopping centers and entertainment points and many more features to explore.


A visit to Disney World will be like a magical vacation on earth. Confused? From where to start? Bah! Don’t worry, we are here to help you.




Meet the Characters

Everyone loves the cartoon characters at some age and having a trip to Disney without meeting your favorite character is like you missed the best part. So, this should be at the top of your bucket list. Please do some research ahead of time to find where they hang out, and there are many ways to get a hug and an autograph.


Dine out at some great restaurants

There are a lot of fantastic restaurants and an opportunity to make your vacation more memorable.  Disney World offers the best table-service restaurants around both high and moderate priced restaurants like Jiko, The Cooking Place, and the Flying Fish Cafe.

If you love desserts and sweets more than the main course, then Disney will offer you variety of desserts too.


Celebrate the Holiday Season

Disney, itself a place for celebration, so why not join? There are a couple of special events throughout the year to make your visit an extra magical. Events like Mickey’s Not-so-Scary Halloween party or trick-or-treat within the park and a little Christmas magic. These experiences will cost you a little bit extra, but will create a lot of special memories.


Get Spooked at the Haunted Mansion

Any horror fanatic? This is a place for you. The Haunted Mansion is a must place to cover your trip no matter what time you are planning this. Get spooked by the ghosts and ghouls residing there—there will be the slow-moving ride that delights in paranormal activities.


Ride Soarin’

Fly around the world with Epcot’s epic ride, floating!! Make sure to grab a Fastpass for this, no chance to miss! Soarin’ lets you travel around the world in a single journey. With the diameter of 180-degree panoramas and many more special effects, you’ll feel the magic of the flight.


Go on the Safari (Animal Kingdom)

Kilimanjaro Safari will let you feel like you just stepped into African forests as you head your safari vehicle into the Savannah. It will be your best-experienced thing in the morning as the animals seem active and you can notice more activities at this time as compared to other timings in a day.


The Kiss Goodnight (Magic Kingdom)

An activity to watch in the evening, to refresh you after an exhausting day in the Magic Kingdom, like a treat to the eyes. The astonishing Cinderella Castle will change into rainbow colors, and it’s a beautiful end to a magical day.


Head to Typhoon Lagoon or Blizzard Beach

After associating Disney World Cinderella Castle, reach the famous water parks!


Both Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon are the most spectacular & thrilling fun water parks anywhere on the planet. However, Typhoon Lagoon is better than the second—its redolent and whimsical seaside village theme, massive and beautiful canopy of flora and tranquil river give it the edge over Blizzard Beach.


It will be the perfect Disney World experience to cap off a magical vacation. Hope this list will help you in assembling your bucket list while planning a vacation to Disney world. Get your baggage ready and flap for the magical tour!!!

A Vacation to New Zealand in the Winter

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The hardest part of planning a trip is to decide where to go and what to do an extended vacation. You can unfold this hard decision by visiting the place of a lofty landscape, New Zealand. This would be one of your overwhelming visits. A jam-packed place with many fascinating things to do or to visit social sites.  We spent a week here to celebrate our 10 year anniversary of our family business (Chandler Towing Services) and wish we could have spent another week.   Or longer.  No need to think twice to make this decision, pack your luggage and lost in the aura of New Zealand.


There are so many things to do in New Zealand, and this is the reason, it is known as the adventure capital of the world. This is a dream destination with a huge punch in a small space. Beyond the usual bungee jumps and skydivers, there are many other unique things to do in New Zealand. Here, we’ll share a list of a few exciting things to do:


Swim with Dolphins, the Bay of Islands

You must know that Dolphin is the most friendly water creature and here you can have a chance to the swim with dolphins. Admittedly, this would be the most magical moments you will ever have in your life.

The Bay of Islands, you have an opportunity to swim with bottlenose dolphins. The exciting part is you don’t have to wear a wetsuit here, feel the warmness of water and dolphins!


Fox Glacier:

This is the unique thing to do, but depending on where you’re traveling from, here you need a Guide who offers tours to Fox Glacier from Queenstown or other places. You can allure and explore through glacier walks, hikes and flights. Close to it, there is a beautiful lake also, Lake Matheson. One of the most capturing lakes in New Zealand.


Skydive Abel Tasman

OMG!! This is the most thrilled part to do, only if you want to. The jumping height is around 16,500 feet. The only place where you can have the experience to jump from so high.


A walk in caves with Glow worms

One must plan a small walk-in cave to cherish your mood with the lighting of glowworms. They can found in many caves in New Zealand. Glowworms never leave the cave they spend their whole life in these caves.


Have a picnic at Whangarei Falls

Plan your second breakfast here, at 24 feet high Whangarei falls which flows whole year. The most photogenic waterfalls in New Zealand. No difficulties to reach here, sit down for a nice picnic outside the splash zone.


The cutest tourist spot- Hobbiton

Well, yes the cutest and a big tourist spot- Hobbiton, one of the best visits to make in New Zealand for the person love fantasy. The small pack homes and the alluring space around will make your vacation complete.


World’s most Violent Supervolcanoes

Are you a person full of curiosity? Wanted to know and visit every challenging place? Here, The Taupo Volcano lays claim to two of the world’s most violent volcanic eruptions. But no worries they are quiet for a little now. You can add this exciting visit in your trip.


A walk in Abel Tasman National Park

Yes, one of the great and famous trails. Only after visiting here, you’ll know why this is New Zealand’s most famous Great Walk – to cover this long walk you need at least 3-5 days, no compulsions, and you can cut it into chunks of lovely amuse beaches, heart-stopping rocking formations, dense forest, and many more.


So, what’s your plan now? It must be yes, right? If you’re planning to see all of the above, you can hire a campervan also to keep your journey smooth and safe. Make sure to take your accommodation with you for flexibility about where and when you see all of New Zealand’s attractions.