Top reasons to fall in love with Tibet

Posted on 02 December 2020 (0)

For many people, Tibet is still a mysterious country. What is so attractive about Tibet? Why does it deserve a spot on your bucket list? Why do so many people want to go there?

Well, we have searched for answers and today, we are about to share some exciting things that will make you fall in love with Tibet.

Streets Less Traveled

Tibet is a puzzling spot in any event, for Chinese individuals. These days numerous youthful Chinese individuals talk about taking a month long bicycle ride from Chengdu to Tibet, however this infrequently occurs.

You will find that the locals in Tibet are actually very hospitable amidst the strict commitment and considering the fact that only a few people from other countries visit here.

Intriguing landscape

In spite of the fact that you can travel to Tibet you’ll miss flawless perspectives on Western Sichuan and Eastern Tibet. Remember that the tallest mountain ranges on the planet are here.

Indeed, even without ascending the Himalayas you’ll get a decent perspective on those snow capped mountains and excellent ice sheets. As you stir your way up you’ll feel truly near the enormous blue sky; around evening time you’ll feel you can choose stars directly from the sky.

Untouched Land

Did you know that Tibet is mostly composed of mountains? The high-altitude makes Tibet a lesser target for industrialization and commercialization making it a perfect place to go especially if you’re with your family. The air is fresh and most of all, you will find here a rich collection of plant species you’ve never seen before.

Spiritual Enrichment

Since Tibetan individuals are so strict and the earth is so unadulterated Tibet can be a spot to escape from present day life and examine otherworldly life. Maybe you will be moved while seeing the strict dedication of the nearby individuals. This is why many tourists go here purposely to cleanse their spirit through enriching experience, tranquility, and solemnity.

Old Culture

Tibetan culture is altogether different from Chinese culture. Remember that Tibetan individuals study the Chinese language as a subsequent language.

The Tibetan individuals are strict and might want to keep living likewise, following exceptionally old customs. On the off chance that you get the opportunity, visit a guesthouse and appreciate the straightforward life.

Challenge and Adventure

A few people who go to Tibet experience elevation affliction. In the event that this is an issue for you, at that point consider continuously going to places with higher rise.

In any case, if you are a person who loves adventure and challenging yourself to test your limits, Tibet is the place for you. Tibet is the country where all types of adventure begin – even the scariest one. And once you’re here, do not ever miss to ride a Yak.

Where to Stay in Iceland

Posted on 19 July 2020 (0)

Are you planning a vacation in Iceland? You’ve come to the right place. Today, we are going to share to you the best places you can stay in Iceland. Let’s take a closer look at these wonderful hotels.

Deplar Farm

You may already know that Iceland is a great place for people who are looking for serenity – somewhere they could break away from the hustle-bustle of the city life and immerse in the greenery. Well, if you are one of these people, you can stay at Deplar Farm. It is located in an isolated place in Denmark. During winter, the vicinity is covered with snow but in the summer, you can enjoy its lush green surrounding.

Hlemmur Square Hotel and Hostel

This hotel is somewhat an upscale or boutique hotel. It has spacious and fun rooms, friendly staff, great amenities, and a great bar where you can chill. The rooms are very clean and stylish.  You’ll definitely love the ambiance.  Hlemmur Square Hotel and Hostel is near the Hlemmur Square bus station which will give you quick access to transportation.

Silica Hotel

Silica Hotel is a chic hotel in Iceland’s Blue Lagoon Resort, which offers a cozy space for everyone who is looking for a minimalist yet contemporary accommodation. The service is top-notch and there are plenty of wonderful activities in the area. You will love the ambiance and the natural landscapes surrounding the area.

101 Hotel

101 Hotel is the first ever boutique hotel of Reyjavik’s that features an amiable interior and chic architecture. Compared to others, this hotel is a bit futuristic when it comes to the ambiance and amenities. You can find on-site spa and business-meeting facilities in the hotel, which is why it still remains a favourite for business travellers.

Ion Adventure Hotel

If you want a hotel near the UNESCO-listed Thingvellir National Park, this hotel will save your stay.  The Ion Adventure Hotel is constructed with so much nature in mind. It has a slick restaurant and bar, an outdoor hot tub, and a spa. The rooms are high-end, cozy, and definitely clean. We’ve always loved our stay in this beautiful hotel.

Top Tourist Destinations in Paraguay

Posted on 27 February 2020 (0)

Landlocked between Argentina, Brazil and Bolivia, the beautiful country Paraguay still remains to be a top tourist destination in the world. Talk about the subtropical forest and savannas, Paraguay is a gem waiting to be discovered.

Saltos del Monday

This is not your ordinary Monday. A tour to Paraguay would not be complete without visiting the outskirts of Ciudad del Este where you can see the stunning Saltos del Monday waterfalls. It features 45 metres high and 120 meters wide of falling waters which you can observe on dry land. However, trained trekkers and thrill seekers can climb and abseil down its rocky walls to experience an extreme adventure.

Ybycuí National Park

Most of the places in Paraguay are hard to pronounce but this won’t stop tourists from visiting the beautiful Ybycui National Park. This place is a perfect escape from the hustle bustle of the city. There are many natural pools and springs around the park where you can take a refreshing dip. You can also wander along the winding path and spot some capuchin monkeys and wild butterflies.

Manzana de la Rivera

Travel in time at the Manzana de la Rivera across the river of Asunción’s Palacio de López. It features houses that were built in the 1970s and are now painted in different colors. You can simply take pictures or learn more about its culture and history. This could be one of the most enriching parts of your tour in Paraguay.

Pantanal Wetlands

If you are looking for a unique adventure where you can be one of nature you can stick around the Pantanal Wetlands. You can stay for a couple of days at the Tres Gigantes biological station and book a guided tour around the Pantanal Wetlands to see swamp-loving animals like boa constrictors, capybaras, and otters. If you don’t love animals, you probably won’t appreciate this kind of trip.

La Santísima Trinidad de Paraná

This UNESCO Heritage Site is one of the most visited parts of Paraguay. Also known as the Trinidad’s Jesuit ruins, this place used to be a walled city but is now a crumbling ruin. The best time to go here is after dark so you can see the mission light up against the starry night sky. This place can bring a lot of memories in the past but if you look past it, the place can actually be quite romantic.


Things to do in Vancouver

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Making a plan to visit Vancouver? Excellent idea, and we’ve got you covered to make sure you have the best time ever here. Once you’ve eaten your bodyweight in the city’s best burgers, had your caffeine fix and explored Vancouver’s best bars, there’s still so much more to see and do. Vancouver is just an amazing place to do the best things.

Capilano Suspension Bridge

Make your way throughout this swaying suspension bridge, which stretches 137 meters across a canyon and also the Capilano River 70 meters below. This is a top choice for outstanding pictures– simply do not overlook if you’re in any way scared of height

Discover Richmond Night Market

Throughout the summertime, this fun Chinese evening market in Richmond is totally free for those under 13 or over 60 and is most definitely worth the journey to explore a deep-fried squid, fish spheres, nitrogen ice cream, and also Chinese knick-knacks. There are over 100 stalls to browse about.

Hike the Grouse Grind

The well-known Grouse Grind walk is a must-do for outdoorsy people. Your legs could hate you later, but the sights on top are ridiculous. Hiking up is cost-free, but you’ll need to pay the $10 for the gondola trip down.

Spend some time Stanley Park

With beautiful coastlines, miles of properly maintained paved and dirt trails, Canada’s largest aquarium and stacks of kid-friendly areas (consisting of a swimming pool, theme park, small train as well as even more), this place is 100% among the best metropolitan parks worldwide.

Take a ski journey to Whistler

Just 2 hours away from the city lies this renowned mountain hotspot. This top-ranked destination ski resort attracts skiers from all over the globe for downhill and also heli-skiing, with cross-country tracks located nearby.

Take in some society at the Vancouver Art Gallery

Discover ground-breaking historic and also modern exhibits as well as artworks by Canadian, Indigenous as well as globally acclaimed musicians at this extremely gallery. Perfect for a rainy day.

Have a night out in humming Gastown

The city’s oldest community is a must-visit. Full of distinctive galleries and a few of the very best cooking prices in Vancouver, it’s a lively location in the evenings for cocktails. Not too sure where to go?

With its outstretched parks and relatively equable climate keeping temperatures mild throughout the year, Vancouver is an Eden for leisure exploits. But it also boasts a busy cultural life, and the modern Downtown is easily explored on foot.

Cruise to Mexico – At Least Once!

Posted on 21 March 2019 (0)

Are you looking for a fantastic family vacation with various activities to partake in and paradise settings? Have some fun and enjoy Mexico’s tropical beauty on some of the most popular cruises in the Pacific.

Check out these three amazing cruise options, each with their family-friendly itineraries:

Baja California and the Sea of Cortez Cruise Options

Daily activities are offered to match the personal interest and fitness level of family members. Some of the most popular ones are craft cruises, which place much focus on wildlife searches through the coastline, and kayaking to explore the water-level caves. Other fun activities are – cocktail hours on the ship with appetizers and natural history walks.

A ship is large enough for any level of privacy you want. There’ll be a certified photographer onboard to help take family pictures.

Catalina and Baja Mexico Cruise

Carnival offers the four-night Catalina and Baja Mexico cruise, and they depart from Long Beach taking in Catalina and Ensenada amongst other various ports of call. This cruise ship has an amazing patio pool area with a pool and slide for kids, including live poolside entertainment. The kid’s program Camp Carnival feature activities like the kid’s talent show, ice cream eating contests, family arts, and crafts, cookie decorating, family karaoke, family scavenger hunts, teddy bear workshops, a family name that tunes, welcome aboard parties, and family water wars.

For your meals, you have two options which are – the casual and formal dining options, and a 24-hour pizzeria and room service. Recreational activities for adults include duty-free shopping, workout classes, and pool.

Getaway Baja Cruise

This five-night getaway cruise from Disney Cruise Line departs from San Diego, California, to enjoy all the beauty of Cabo San Lucas, with a stop at Ensenada. Activities carried out at ports of call include world-class sport fishing, exploring the beautiful white sand beaches atop horses, and championship golf courses.

The amazing family-friendly entertainment options include Disney shows, character greetings, and numerous pools. In addition, nightclubs and lounges are readily available for adults to relax and have so much fun on the dance floor after the kids are asleep.