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Top Three Jamaica Vacation Tips for a Fun and Exciting Experience

Posted on 06 September 2018 by admin (0)

When planning for a vacation, you’re looking for a destination where you can get away, relax, and enjoy the laid back culture of a tropical paradise. Right? You’re not looking for the usual busy schedules and boring life back at home. So, you’ve made up your mind to travel to Jamaica? That’s a good choice already. Now it’s time to prepare yourself and get ready to embrace the exciting, laid-back culture in this reggae island.

There’s no other tropical destination that features such a dynamic culture as the one here. While most of the Caribbean Islands tend to look similar in cuisine, lifestyle, geography, and culture, Jamaica has somehow a different culture, a laid-back vibe, and cool breezes that will make you come back.

Why travel to Jamaica when you’re clueless on anything that happens there? You don’t have to. However, with these tips, your vacation in Jamaica will be fun and exciting.

When should you Visit Jamaica?

The first thing to keep in mind in your preparation is knowing the best time to visit. Every person has their own plans and preferences. Weather might not be a huge factor since the island has a fairly consistent climate year round. Temperatures in Jamaica range from 80 F to 90 F. This Caribbean archipelago experiences a tropical marine climate that’s attractive throughout the year. It’s, however, crucial to note that the island has a peak season (December to April) which usually records high hotel and airline rates.

Traveling during the off-peak season, which starts in May through November is more cost-effective as you’ll find lower airline and hotel rates. There are fewer crowds as well. Sounds like a perfect vacation, right? If you’re visiting between October and November or May and June, be ready for a little sprinkling as this is when the rainy season is experienced here.

What do you do when you get to Jamaica?

The excitement once you arrive can be a destruction. While you’re eager to get started with you long list of attractions to visit, it’s important that you slow down first. Be sure you’ve planned for your vacation properly and everything is in place. Start by exploring your place of accommodation as you get ready to embrace the outdoors. Jamaica features jaw-dropping beaches, a stunning landscape, natural scenery, beautiful beaches, unspoiled mountains, and more.

When it comes to activities you have it all, from snorkeling and scuba diving to horseback riding, swimming, and kayaking. Those who want to simply soak in the hot tub by the pool side or lie on the sunbeds and relax by the ocean can, of course, do that. No need to worry or hurry!

Don’t forget to Eat Locally

The food in Jamaica probably ranks top on the world’s best foods list. No one travels here and leaves without sampling and trying out the Jamaican local cuisine. From fruits to vegetables to seafood, the island has so much to offer when it comes to food.

Remember this Caribbean archipelago is known for the “jerk” spices. Eager visitors start and end their vacation in Jamaica at the popular Scotchies Restaurant. If you have no idea what “jerk” is, why not find out for yourself? You can find answers at any open air restaurant or palm front roof around.